Well, there I was, digging this hole…

(with apologies to Bernard Cribbins)  Helen and Lynda spent Tuesday digging down in Trench One.  But what was this feature?  Answers on a postcard please!  This was the hole at lunchtime (above)

dsc_1484and at the end of the day.



4 thoughts on “Well, there I was, digging this hole…

  1. One theory is that there was a tree or bush at the centre of the parterre. But it is a relatively small hole for a significant tree and surely Sir Baptist Hicks would have wanted something a bit more imposing? Another suggestion is that it contained a lead container for a fountain…..we are not giving up on the fountain!!

  2. Another theory… The deeper part of the hole looks like it held a post, perhaps placed there in the very centre by the original surveyor when he began laying out the parterre. The large hole may have been constructed around a barrel which was then removed to provide the receptacle for the workings of a fountain. More research on the installation and workings of C17th fountains needed. A statue wouldn’t have needed thus at the base, and even a prize specimen plant would have been an underwhelming centre to this mannerist garden.

  3. I wonder if it held the base of a columnar sundial of the type that was very popular in the early 1600s. I know In Scotland the fanciest ones had multiple dials on octagonal faces higher up and were feats of mathematical and astrological knowledge. It would have made a suitable statement feature in that spot in the garden on that large flat terrace, but needed only a small base underneath. It is quite possible that the influx of Scots after the union of the crowns in 1603 brought masons capable of building such a sundial here. Worth further research.

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