Surviving wooden panel?

Interest in the Campden House project has prompted this photo of a wood panel said to come from Campden House. Our considered opinion is that that the design and craftsmanship are quite basic and unlikely to be the style that this very rich merchant would choose. Also, how has it survived? Of course, we don’t know how extensive the fire was and there is no doubt that the building was pillaged later for houses in Campden, so it might come from the house. Can anyone offer a date on this?

3 thoughts on “Surviving wooden panel?

    1. I believe it was a house in Sheep Street, but no evidence at all that it came from Campden House, just a bit of folklore. It’s not a quality piece, when you compare to the church pulpit.

  1. I wonder what the wood is – could be oak, but looks a bit dark, maybe mahogany? In which case, when was mahogany first imported into this country? Later than Campden House I would think. Who sent this in, or is it in the Archives? Does it still exist?

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