Day Four

  • Evidence of wall foundations

Much better weather this afternoon – some lovely sun, but with a breeze, so we didn’t get too hot.  Started digging what I am calling Trench 2, but it’s actually something like Trench 5 or 6 in the grand scheme of things.  Quite a few small finds, but so far no significant stonework or anything structural.  The position of the trench is roughly where the ‘front door’ would be.  Very pleasing to find two pieces of the bowl of a clay pipe which fitted together, even though they were not found together and likewise two pieces of the rim of a bowl.  In general we’re finding quite a lot of fragments of what we are assuming is window glass as it is very thin and very flat, quite a lot of animal bones, some with evidence of butchering and the inevitable and aforementioned clay pipes, but nothing we can positively date.  We’re also doing battle with the roots of trees, both existing and long-gone.

Visitors staying in the East Banqueting House came over this afternoon to see how we are getting on, and admire our finds.  They leave tomorrow and no doubt new ‘tenants’ will arrive.

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