Day 6, Week Two

Whoops, no photos!

Sorry, but in the rush to get to the dig I forgot to take my camera, so although there are photos on other people’s mobiles, I haven’t got anything.  Which is a shame because we had an excellent day’s digging.

Lynda and I continued to trowel out another layer of Trench One (I think officially it’s Trench 6) to see if the layer of stones continued down and looked like a wall or other feature – the jury is still out on that one, and at first it didn’t seem like a rich source of finds either.  Bones, bones and more bones.  No clay pipes!!!  But we did keep coming across tiny fragments of patterned glass which might, possibly, be Venetian… like this?    

Then I uncovered what looked like an upturned glazed pot and we all got very excited.  Whilst carefully digging it out I found a metal (bronze?) fragment of a clasp about 4cm long and then we found a number of pins.  The pot (photos to follow) turned out to be about the size and shape of an ashtray – but not.  Another find was a thickish piece of pot with lots of small holes drilled through it which Helen reckons is part of a Jacobean watering pot like the one below, or more likely a ‘thumb pot’ like the image on the left.






Meanwhile, in the other trench, diggers were beavering away and – very exciting this – found some decorated fragments of plasterwork – one with what looked like a fleur-de-lys and another with indentations which looked like fishscales.  other pieces were moulded.   We also had the services of a man with a metal detector today, who scanned the spoil heap and found various bits and pieces that we had missed when digging.

Finally a third trench was de-turfed and trowelling back begun.  This is on the section of ground which showed up as a crescent-shaped feature on the geophys which could possibly be civil war fortifications, or a ditch, or a spoil heap.  More to be revealed.

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