Going cross-eyed!

Eight of us met to start marking up the finds from the second dig. O my goodness – we were cross-eyed by the end!

Under Helen’s supervision we applied varnish to countless pieces of pottery before practising with fine pens and then carefully marking up. Some bits were interesting, with a bit of pattern, but mostly just tiny shards – no chance of recreating a pot! Maybe the pottery expert will be able to tell us more.  The bigger pieces had been saved by Helen and compared with the pottery at Aston Hall which gave us much more of an idea of what might have been in use when the Hicks family were here.

We also marked up endless pipe stems – this was interesting because pipes would not have been in use until after the House was burnt down, so there must have been quite a lot of activity on the site in later years. They were certainly heavy smokers!

Intense concentration necessary


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