Day Four – Thursday

Bag of finds

We’re still working on the one trench, but digging down much further than we have before, so support in the shape of scaffolding planks and Acro props, which, if you don’t know, turn out to be metal poles which you can extend to brace against a wall (or trench) to provide support.  It limits our movement, but does prevent the trench walls from caving in and burying us – not that that is very likely, but, you know, Health & Safety and all that.

Not a huge number of finds, but what has been found is exciting.  Moulded plasterwork, including a piece with two fingers on it, a piece with an eye and several pieces with ‘fishscale’ moulding.  Once it’s dried out and brushed down, we’ll have to have a huge plaster jigsaw party to try and re-construct it!

A very exciting find was a substantial piece of encaustic tile – which may be medieval, but equally may be from the time the house was built.  So we are wondering, a tile floor?  Tiles around a fireplace or hearth?  Also finding lots and lots of flat stones which are black, but maybe not burnt black.  They look like different stone from the Cotswold limestone that the house was built of.  So again, speculation that there was maybe a flagstone floor…

3 pieces of Moulded plaster
Moulded plaster

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